Electricidad para mecánicos I

Electricity for mechanics I

In this course you will learn the following:

  • Basic concepts of electricity (U, I, R, C.C., A.C., single-phase A.C. and three-phase A.C.).
  • Transformers.
  • Measuring devices. Multimeters and Tweezers. (Measurement of resistances, tensions, and intensities).
  • Megger. Tests on resistors, motors and transformers.
  • Identify elements in machines (Field elements) – Relays. – Timers. Multifunction – Contactors. Types AC, etc – Sensors and Transmitters. Concept – Identification of sensors (optical, inductive, magnetic). Know their connections – Photocells (Barrier, Reflex, diffuse, laser, etc.) – End of career.
  • Interpretation and assembly of simple circuits.
  • Symbology.
  • Resistencias calefactoras.
  • Solenoid valves. Connected.
  • MOTORES – Conexión – Desconexión – Medición de consum- (Consumo equilibrado, Comportamiento en 2 fases) – Invertir sentid- de giro – Medida del aislamiento – Arranques (Directo, Estrella/Triangulo, Suaves y con VF)
  • Frequency drives.
  • Protections – Of installations (ICP, Dif, Prot U, etc.) – Of motors (Fuses, motor protection, thermal, etc.).

More information:

  • Date: From October 7 to 11, 2024.
  • Duration: 25 hours (5 days).
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